Friday, April 2, 2010

Shane T Converts Another!

At Injector Dynamics, we all love Shane T

Is it because he's so cute and cuddly?

Nope...It's because he swears by our product, and gets nearly all of his customers to switch to ID injectors.

Why??? Because it makes his job as a tuner easier, and provides a better end result for his customers.

We have worked with Shane from the beginning and we seek his advice and input on nearly everything we do.

Dealing with guys like Shane keeps our technology grounded in the real world, and we appreciate his efforts to increase both the level of quality and knowledge in the performance aftermarket.

Here's a clip of one of his more recent "converts"

When he started with Scott Oskas and his "Dark Horse" Twin Turbo Pro Street Mustang he immediately got rid of the 30year old squirters and replaced them with a single ID1000, and ID2000 per cylinder.

Here's a quick shot of the car blasting through the quarter.

Thanks to Shane and Scott

John Reed Does it Again...Again

Every time I turn around John Reed is setting a new record.

John showed up at the Texas Mile last weekend with a few ID equipped Twin Turbo Lamborghini's. One of them making in excess of 1700hp at the wheels.

No surprise they left with a new record of 250.1 mph in the standing mile.

We would like to thank John for always making us look good. We owe our reputation to guys like him. Everything he touches has ID Injectors, and he always makes it exciting.

Visit John's blog for more details.