Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Real Street Performance Builds Worlds Fastest Ariel Atom

Yup...another worlds fastest. Funny how that keeps happening. Injector Dynamics dealer Real Street Performance has been busy stuffing a 650hp turbocharged Honda K20 into an Ariel Atom.

Sounds excessive huh? It is, and that's why Real Street is one of our favorite dealers.

Speaking of stuffing, check out the ass on this girl.

And don't miss the video. Ass free, but cool none the less.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Injector Dynamics fuels first 300mph Motorcycle

Congratulations to Bill Warner for being the first to 300mph.

The ID2000 equipped Wild Brothers Racing Suzuki Hayabusa is now the fastest bike in the world, and the first to break the 300mph barrier with a record crushing 311.945mph run.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My GT-R Wants to Kill Your Mama

If you're a Frank Zappa fan, you're having a good laugh right now. If probably think i'm sniffing C16.

Look it up.

In either case, pay attention or the AMS built GT-R shown below will kill your mama, steal your lunch money, and bang your girlfriend.

Injector Dynamics dealer AMS Performance coaxed 1318whp from their ID2000 equipped 2009 GT-R. The resulting 9.05@166.66mph time slip makes it the fastest and quickest GT-R in the world.

While I admit to being impressed, i'm not surprised. These guys don't mess around. Follow the link above to check out their site.