Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can You Find Your Pulsewidth With Both Hands?

Well…can you?

Do you “tune” cars?

Do you call yourself a “tuner?”

If so, I have a simple test for you.

Given the following, can you calculate the pulse width required to achieve a target lambda value of .88?

Injector Flow Rate (Slope) = 1032.0cc/min
Injector Offset (Dead Time) = .925msec.
Cylinder Displacement = 38.14ci
Volumetric Efficiency = 92.3%
Barometric Pressure = 28.72in/hg
Air Temperature = 90F
Stoichiometric Ratio of Fuel = 14.23
Specific Gravity of Fuel = .72g/cc

If you can arrive at the proper value of 4.951msec with no more than a calculator and a trip to the bookshelf to look up the formula for air density, congratulations!

You are part of a select few and need to read no further unless you’re just wondering where I’m going with this.

If you came up with the wrong answer, or didn’t even know where to start you need to go see Ben!

Thanks to a guy named Ben Strader, there is a school especially for those who tune electronic fuel injection.

About seven years ago Ben created EFI University to teach the how’s and why’s of electronic fuel injection.

EFI University is more than just a place to go and learn a few things. It is part of a trend.

A trend towards an improved level of quality and understanding in the field of aftermarket fuel injection.

The question is, will you be part of this trend or will you be left behind?