Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Build a 2000cc Denso Injector in 3 Easy Steps

That's right, 3 easy steps to turn your diminutive 450cc Denso injector into a fire breathing Q16 compatible high impedance 2000+cc injector.

Step 1. Choose an Appropriate Injector. - It must be of newer design, not an older EV-1 style injector. For this tutorial we have chosen a 2004 Mazda RX-8 injector, but there are many available pieces that will give acceptable results.

Step 2. Remove the Atomizer Plate. - That's right, get it out of the way so you can get to what's underneath. Simply carry the injector to the nearest grindy thing, and lean on the edges until it falls off.

Now we can see the tip of the valve which is where we will perform our magic.

Step 3. Hit it With a Hammer. - Using a punch and your favorite hammer, give the valve tip a whack to move it in its press fit into the armature. Dont be a Nancy Boy...HIT IT!

And there you have it, a 2000+cc injector!

Is it really that easy? Just 3 steps? Well...If you didn't hit it hard enough you may only have a 1500cc injector, and if you hit it too hard and bent the valve you have a leaky non functioning injector.

So you have to hit it "just right"

Rumour has it that the professionals make the job easier by using some high tech tools that you may not have.

So how does this work? As it turns out, the armature and the valve need to be made from very different materials if each is to perform its function optimally.

Rather than using a complicated and heavy fastener, the valve is press fit into the armature. The depth of the press fit determines the overall valve dimensions, and so by pressing the valve further into the armature, the valve lift is increased from the typical 3 to 4 thousandths, to something in the range of 10 thousandths of an inch. (Depending on how hard you hit it.)

By more than doubling the valve lift, the flow is increased to some very high rates. In this case, 2455 cc/min.

So what's the catch? Well...the laws of physics are absolute and non negotiable. The magnetic force available to pull the valve off its seat will be quartered for every doubling of the air gap.

What this means is that if you double the valve lift, you will lose approximately 75% of the force available to lift the valve off its seat.

So how does this manifest itself in the real world? Response time is increased, control of the fast moving valve is reduced to scary levels, and the injector has a hard time opening against high fuel pressure.

As long as someone doesn't perform a pressure sensitivity test like the one seen here you will be none the wiser. What is it they say, ignorance is bliss?

So do people really do this?

Check for yourself.

Take any of the current 2000+cc Denso injectors on the market and inspect the valve tip with a magnifier. You will see something ranging from a small indent, to a large depression where the valve has been hit several times to reach its target depth in the armature.

(Click picture for full size view)

And if they're doing it, you can do it too!

Armed with a set of hammers, center punches, a fair bit of practice, and a good attitude you too can be a Wizard in no time.

Tune in for next weeks installment where we teach you how to market these little beauties.

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