Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Injector Dynamics Provides Fuel System Engineering to Lessman Racing

The Lessman Racing Streamliner is a unique piece, being powered by a 572ci turbocharged V8 running on compressed natural gas.

This innovative powerplant is controlled by a Motec ECU with calibration by Shane Tecklenburg of ST Consulting

Injector Dynamics provided dynamic characterization of the unique CNG injectors made by Clean Air Power. A US Based company specializing in clean burning dual fuel technology.

This data was used by Tecklenburg as part of his mathematical model based engine calibration which until now has only been used for liquid fuels.

Quoting Tecklenburg "'s all the same to me. It's just hydrocarbons, and as long as I can define the characteristics of those hydrocarbons and the fuel injectors that meter them I can do my job"

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